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Pilot training course - drone, fixed wing aircraft and helicam flying

We provide a two day and a three day hands on flight training course on multirotor drone , fixed wing airplane and helicam flying. This course teaches the basics of safe operation though additional practice may be required for the pilot to become proficient in the use of equipment and quick reaction times in case of emergency.

Training is performed on Rc Observer equipment.

Both include a 12 hour ground school regarding basic information on -

  1. General UAV types & uses
  2. Principles of flight
  3. Weight and balance - Center of Gravity calculations
  4. Operational limitations [ vertical speed, horizontal speed , weight, horizontal distance, altitude, endurance, weather etc.]
  5. Subsystem operation and maintenance - Flight controller, IMU, GPS, Compass, Gyros, Accelerometers, Brushless motors, Speed controllers, Propeller, Retractable landing gear, Airframe, Video transmission and reception, Antennas, Video displays etc.
  6. Battery care
  7. Maintenance
  8. Local laws, rules, regulations, policies and good practice
  9. Recognizing and setting early warning alarms / signals
  10. Emergency procedures
  11. Preflight checklist
  12. In flight checklist
  13. Post flight checklist
  14. Autonomous flight
  15. Preflight briefing
  16. Checklist reviews
  17. Flight
  18. Certification testing

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Flight Training Day 1 - Quadcopters

  1. Preflight briefing on quadcopter operation
  2. Line of sight pilot training using quadcopters

Equipment used - DJI controller based quadcopter 450 mm with GPS and Gopro camera

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Flight Training Day 2 - Fixed wing aircraft

  1. Preflight briefing on fixed wing operation
  2. Line of sight pilot training using fixed wing aircraft

Equipment used - Electric and/or .40 size high wing aircraft

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Flight Training Day 3 - Autopilot operation or Helicam flying

  1. Autopilot mission training
  2. Create autopilot missions
  3. Pilot flight training via autopilot missions created by the student

Equipment used - DJI controller based Hexacopter or Octocopter fully equipped

or Rc Helicam [ glow engine or petrol engine powered ]

Autopilot operation or helicam is not required for many applications thus it is optional. Students will receive a flight training certificate.

This 3-day course is required for individuals and employees of corporations to obtain various factory training certificates or for general knowledge. The fee is per person.

One instructor is authorized to train and certify a maximum of 2 students from the same company or organization simultaneously. Others from the same entity can participate in the ground school portion of the training at the same time at the same price per person. Maximum is 4 people total.

No exam is given at the end of the day. You are evaluated throughout the day by the instructor. Each pilot must demonstrate a minimum level of competency to obtain certification.

Should weather cause disruption of training, the training will be extended as necessary for additional time.