Drone aerial photography-Dji Inspire 2,Phantom 4

About us

We provide low altitude aerial photography service in India using drones, aerocams, helicams and helium blimps carrying professional digital cameras. The setups are modular in design, can be man-carried and easily be transported in a utility vehicle. By flying at a lower altitude we are able to shoot " below the smog ", using wide angle lenses and offering views that are comparable to those shot from full-size aircraft.

For aerials we have DJI Phantom4, Phantom4 pro and Inspire2 with X5S camera which records at up to 5.2K RAW in Cinema DNG, Apple ProRes and more.

For ground shots we have Red Dragon Raven (4.5k RAW @ 120 fps) with Sigma Art prime lenses, DJI Ronin-mx, foolcontrol App on iPad, 4k tft screen etc. with operators.

We have a remote operated 200 meters length CableCam system with 4k DSLR (Panasonic GH4 & lenses), DJI Ronin MX - 3 axis camera gimbal & video assist etc. The system is completely wireless, can be setup in 30 minutes and can carry a camera package up to 3.0 kg. The camera head can be made to travel horizontally between two posts with variable speed control.

We supply ready to fly helicams and multirotors –quadcopter/hexacopter/octocopter with 500 gm to 12.5 kg camera payload lifting capacity along with flight training sessions on our machines. We service and repair all drone types like Parrot AR drone, Align, DJI - Phantom 2, Phantom 3, Phantom 4, Inspire1 [all versions], Inspire2,S900 and S1000 etc. We repair all popular brands of remotes like JR, Futaba, DJI lightbridge etc.

Our helicams and drones are also available for 360 degrees aerial panorama of the surroundings from a point of interest, aerial flower dropping, banner towing and corporate advertising.