Do you need to “fly” a camera but, for some reason, one of our camera drone system isn’t going to work? No problem – this can happen… Sometimes a flying camera drone won’t work and here are some really good reasons why –
• Venue/Site Limitations

There just isn’t enough room to fly a drone or there are too many overhead obstacles to guarantee a safe flight path.

• Audience/Performer Safety

The audience or your cast is too close OR directly below the camera (remember, drones can’t fly over the public).

• Shot Repeatability

You need to be able to precisely repeat a tracking shot many times, say at a sporting event.

The good news is that Rc Observer has the perfect solution for all of the above scenarios and more. The technology is called the Cable Camera and it is awesome! It builds on many of the technologies we use in our flying drones but it is a bit different.



It is a ‘Point to Point’ cable cam system. It ‘flies’ along a spectra cord stretched between two anchor points. The anchor points can be fixed points like trees or other permanent structures or they can be movable anchors like a forklift, scissor lift, scaffold or similar.


Our cablecam can be equipped with Kenyon gyro to stabilise the system from swaying and unwanted movements. When coupled with stabilized camera gimbals the result is an extremely stable camera platform for liquid smooth shots.


The electronic speed control system on cablecam allows for a broad range of speed from 0 to 40 Km/h. Cablecam offers a wide spectrum of uses from small indoor venues to fast paced outdoor extreme sports events.


Noisy production gear in a sound sensitive environment is annoying. We use a brushless motor drive system which is nearly silent.


The latest RF technology is utilised for picture transmission, camera and head control data to and from the camera gimbal and the onboard battery power provides seamless operations for a typical period of many hours.


Our cablecam is self designed and made in India from aluminum, carbon fiber, and aircraft grade plywood. Tight machining tolerances ensure a rigid & durable structure.

Here is how it works:

We create an overhead highline system – like a zipline but engineered for a camera and trolley system that weighs between 8-10 kgs. This overhead highline runs the entire length of your desired shot. We use pre existing anchor points at your site – trees, stages, light poles, mountains etc. to support our overhead rigging.

Next, a radio-controlled trolley is attached to the highline. This trolley system can be maneuvered with great accuracy back and forth along the highline. The trolley supports our Dji Ronin-Mx 3-axis gyro stabilised gimbal and our Red Raven camera. This gives us the ability to ‘fly’ a camera anywhere along this highline system and point it in any direction we like, all while the gimbal maintains a perfectly fluid shot every time.

Cable cameras can give you flawless 2D flight and are the perfect solution for sporting events, festivals and events where you need to get right in close to the action.


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