Corporate Films

Rc Observer is an industrial / corporate film making company in New Delhi. We produce corporate videos from the script to the final edit.
We offer a broad range of affordable, high-end creative services to companies and networks. We help you elevate your brand with memorable and engaging video content. We possess latest production equipment, cameras and drones that make us reliable and competitive.

We produce, shoot, edit and deliver on time, on budget and above expectations !

We are able to serve clients from all industrial sectors, right across India and beyond.


A one stop shop for all your video productions, Rc Observer takes care of the whole process from start to finish.


Corporate films are one of the best communication mediums through which corporate companies or Industries speak about themselves or present themselves to the entire world. We also cover various CSR activities & social cause documentaries.


Product demo videos come into play when you want the people to know about your product.


We also produce training videos. These videos may be technical or non-technical tutorials.


Our team can cover events using multiple still cameras, video cameras and drones with live HD transmission.


We have the latest drones for video production and aerial surveys.


We use full frame mirrorless dslrs with prime lenses for best results.

What are Corporate Videos ?

Corporate films are the best communication medium through which industries or corporate companies present themselves to the target audience and potential customers. These are one of the best ways to promote your brand or business. We provide this type of medium with a highly informative format, presented with great creativity. Rc Observer has a proficient and experienced approach for processes like liaising with the client and storyboarding till shoot to deliver the desired final output with emphasis on your product quality and service features.

Video production typically flows in a step-by-step process as follows –

Script Writing

Where it all starts. Tell us your goals we’ll transform them in beautiful words and evocative images that connect with your audience.

Production Design

Production design is this “je ne sais quoi” that allows the audience to connect with your video and brand. We create modern, on-trend looks that draws your audience in.


Male, female, kid, elderly, we’ve built relationships with the best talent agencies and will find the right talent for your project.


The heart of the trade. Whether a simple interview or a large scale commercial, we run our shoots like clockwork to ensure on time and on budget delivery.


While editing often goes unnoticed by the audience, it is one of the most important aspect of a great production. It is where the narrative comes to life and the story’s emotions can really be brought out.

Graphic Design / Animation

Animation or callouts are a great way to explain a complex topic in a simple way, or to visualize aspects of a service that is not easily representable with live action footage.

Voice Over

The voice that carries your video represents your brand, services or product. Smooth or deep, in english, french, spanish or mandarin, we work with the best, from all around the world.


The right sound, sound mix and effects provides an outlet for emotional expression, character building and additional information about the world shown visually to you.


We make sure the videos we produce have the desired impact on your specific audience by tailoring them to your online marketing strategy and demographics, and assisting you in broadcasting them to the world, the right way.

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